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A Judicial Body

Flag of Utopia
Bill of Rights
A Law-Making Body
Leadership Hierarchy
A Judicial Body
Means of Communication
Means to Sustain Life
Natural Environment
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The judicial branch of government is the branch that interprets the laws.  The judicial branch is made up of three systems of courts: primary courts, appeals courts, and the Supreme Court.  There will be at least 100 district courts, so citizens will always be close to a court.  In the district courts, the case is heard by either a jury or a judge.  The jury consists of 15 randomly chosen people who live near the court.  Each court has at least one judge chosen by the people who live near that court.  A utopian attorney will be present for cases against the utopia.  There will be 25 appeals courts.  Each appeal court consists of 20 judges chosen by the citizens but only 3 hear a case.  These appeals courts hear cases that have been appealed from the district courts.  The Supreme Court hears the cases that have been appealed from the appeals courts.  It is made up of 1 chief justice and 8 judges.  The judges are selected by the president but most be approved by the House of Legislature.  A judge is selected for life but can be removed by a three-fourths vote of the House.  A judge can also decide to quit.  In order for a case to be heard by the Supreme Court, 4 judges must approve the case.  6 hear the case and a decision is made with a majority vote.