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Leadership Hierarchy

Flag of Utopia
Bill of Rights
A Law-Making Body
Leadership Hierarchy
A Judicial Body
Means of Communication
Means to Sustain Life
Natural Environment
Energy Source
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This order of succession will ensure that our utopia will always have a leader.  If the President dies or is incapable of carrying out his duties, then the Vice President will take charge.  If the Vice President is not able to carry out his duties, then the president of the House of Legislature will succeed.  If the leader of the House of Legislature cannot carry out his duties, then the people will vote for a temporary president.  The voting process for the temporary president is the same as the process for selecting a president.  This temporary president will serve for the rest of the original president’s term.  The requirements for all of the positions shown are the person must be at least 35, the person must be born in the nation, the person must be a resident of the utopia since birth, and the person must pass on a test on the constitution with a score of at least 80 percent.