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Our philosophy on formal education is that formal education occurs when society or a group or an individual sets up a curriculum to educate people, usually the young. Formal education can become systematic and thorough. Education is the teaching of ideas, abilities, principles, etc., is that it should only encompass a person's life through the age of 22. During the High School years, students will have the opportunity to choose their major, at least 2 required fields of education (such as science, math, history, or english) and any other classes of their choosing. We will have the 12 grades, K-5 is elementary and it is important in developing the fundamentals of education.  Sixth through eighth grade is junior high.  Here it is nescessary to teach students the final steps in deciding their major and the final steps in teaching the young people how to be responsible in the their individual lives and in their careers. Finally, in the high school years the students will choose their majors and depart unto a new great society that offers them jobs in their areas of expertise.