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Means to Sustain Life
Flag of Utopia
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Leadership Hierarchy
A Judicial Body
Means of Communication
Means to Sustain Life
Natural Environment
Energy Source
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The means to sustain life in Utopia is by using frontier technologies like genomics, biosensors and bioactives to transform five parts of the food chain.  The plan is to redesign the composition of grains for better human health, to develop a better breeding system for beef and seafood, to separate healthy bioactive ingredients from meat and dairy, to pressure wash and clean fruits and vegetables for freshness and food safety, and to carefully measure all ingredients when mixing foods to improve food quality.

The consumer will decide about his or her food.  It is important to find out what people will want to eat, and what people will not want to eat in the way of foods, flavors and health requirements. Our products will match their needs and requirements.

Most people want healthy foods that will reduce their risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, overweight, and other chronic conditions.  People also want food to be tasty, safe, and easy to prepare.