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A Law-Making Body

Flag of Utopia
Bill of Rights
A Law-Making Body
Leadership Hierarchy
A Judicial Body
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The legislative branch is the branch of the government which makes laws.  The unicameral House of Legislature is made up of 250 people.  The citizens of the Utopia will be divided into 25 groups.  Each group selects 10 people to serve in the House of Legislature.  Each member of the House will serve for 2 years.  The advantages for having a unicameral legislature are laws can be passed faster than in bicameral legislatures and the cost for running a unicameral legislature is lower. 


The Law Making Process


1.     A bill is proposed

2.     The bill is presented to the public.  The public votes to show their opinion of the bill.

3.     The House can approve the bill with a two-thirds vote.

4.     If the bill is not approved, then the bill is either changed or dropped with a

     two-thirds vote.

5.     If the bill is approved by the House, then the bill is sent to the president for           


6.     If the president vetoes the law, then the House can override it with a three-fourths

vote, they can change the bill until it is approved by the president, or they can choose to drop the bill with a two-thirds vote.